Bye 2022! 👋

Like many, every year I take a few moments to reflect on the year gone by and to set some goals for the coming year. 2022 was a year – not quite as tumultuous as 2016 but it seems to be a close second. I am happy to close the door on 2022, and to take the lessons I’ve learned into 2023 – onwards and upwards! 🙂

2022 started out slow; we finally regulated Gingy with her seizure medication such that her adorable personality returned. 🐈😊 Work was busy from the beginning of January and continued that way for the whole year. Cyber security is a tough business to be in these days – something is always on fire! Thankfully I have wonderful colleagues and continued to learn and grow a ton throughout the year.

In early March we escaped to Florida where we persevered through covid tests and travel protocols to spend a few days at the beach. It was needed to de-stress. Puzzles, sleep, beach and pools. Woo! 😎

March was tough – we lost a friend to Brain Cancer. I reunited with many friends from University to celebrate his incredible life and to be there for his wife and two kids. I sang with friends at his service, which was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done. RIP Andrew, your legacy continues to live on in all of us! 🙏

In early April I sang in Messiah with OperOttawa. It was my first time singing with this company and I really enjoyed it! At the end of April and May, the post-covid travel gates flooded open and I had lots of trips for work. I sat on a panel about improving the gender and talent gap in Cyber security in Toronto, flying in and out in the same day. That was a first! I also had a trip to the US for a week and a woman’s leadership training event in Cornwall, ON. That was a fantastic experience that unfortunately ended in me getting COVID! Fortunately it was the last day of the course, and after I sang opera around the campfire. 😂 I was sick for a couple of weeks and unfortunately had to cancel a concert with Seventeen Voyces and I missed my friend Morgan’s bridal shower. Boooo. I also lost my taste for a couple of weeks – weird!

Just as I was starting to feel better, the long May weekend was upon us – hooray! That Friday night a derecho hit Ottawa and knocked down both fences in our backyard. It destroyed numerous homes in the neighborhood and impacted so many people across the city. We lost power for a week and I’m grateful we didn’t have it worse. The worst part was fighting with TD insurance to get our claim money after they accidentally paid someone else our money. 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ 5 months and many phone calls later, it was finally sorted.

Biiiiig windstorm destroys Ottawa

At the beginning of June, Kelly and I decided to have a staycation near Ottawa. We went to the Nordik spa, and glamped in Calabogie. We got muddy in buggies, climbed up Eagle’s Nest and chilled. It was great, and came at the right time. Shortly after that, I went camping with my friend Karen and her daughter Kate – it was super fun! So great to be in nature. I’m grateful for friends lending us camping gear. I’m also grateful that the tick I found on my foot on the return did not give me Lyme disease.

Mud!! You can’t take the country out of this girl!

Mid-June, I did the Brain Tumour walk in support of my friend Andrew and his family with a big crew of friends and raised funds to help this very worthy cause. Shortly after that, I flew home to be with my family after my Mom suffered a mini-stroke. I was so grateful for supportive colleagues and those who reached out to support Mom through the recovery. I delivered lots and lots of hugs. ❤️ I also realized that working remotely with rural internet was not fun. On the plus side, I got to be there to celebrate my Mom’s birthday, my Dad’s birthday and their anniversary. And most important, my Mom has done really well in her recovery. 🙏

July – we saw Hamilton in Ottawa, hooray for live theatre! I travelled to the US for work and had a great time with international colleagues. Then… Cheddar joined our family, which just sort of happened serendipitously! Our little Corgi was busy, bold and cute. The cats were skeptical. I sold my 2012 car and bought a 2019 Civic! 😎 I spent the weekend in Toronto celebrating my beautiful friend Morgan’s bachelorette. It was a fabulous time – I made some new friends and we had some great adventures as a group! I still owe Kelly for single parenting that weekend with the dog and two cats. 😂

Miss Cheddar ❤️

Friends visited from the US amid the chaos of the new puppy – thankfully they were patient. Kitties were very stressed by the arrival of Cheddar. Unfortunately Ginger had a seizure and then Marble followed suit and started having seizures. Thankfully we were able to get Marble to the vet, and she immediately started the same meds as her sister without the invasive tests that Ginger had to experience. It took a few weeks for Marble to adapt to the medication but she got there! Our beautiful little special needs kitties. 🐈‍⬛🐈❤️

Kittens ❤️

August brought me a visit to my doctor to have a checkup. I was feeling anxious, stressed and just… exhausted. We did some preliminary tests and I scored moderate for depression, anxiety and ADHD. Super. He asked me to do blood work to see what else might be going on. In Sept I found out that I was borderline diabetic and that I needed to make some changes for my health.

August also brought our friend Morgan’s wedding which was absolutely beautiful. She was a stunning bride! However little Cheddaroo ate something weird the morning of the wedding and needed a trip to Emergency, so sadly we missed the wedding ceremony. ☹️

After the wedding we had a road trip to the east coast with the dog to see my family. It was fun but also a little stressful taking a puppy on that long of a drive. She did well though! She visited Malagash beach, the FoxHarbr Resort and the Jost winery. My niece and nephew adored having her around for their birthday. It was great to have everyone together and to do some fun things as a family. Cheddar won over her Grammie and Grampie, oh and we almost hit a moose. 😂 It was cool for Kelly to see that (first time!) and I was grateful for my reflexes driving my Dad’s truck down the lake road at night.

Cheddar at the beach!

September ramped back up again and I travelled to Washington DC for work to speak on a panel about Post Quantum Cryptography. It was my first in-person panel in my current role; I really enjoyed learning and spending time with many colleagues from Canada at the event. After my return I cracked down on what I was eating, and started to feel a bit better physically, gradually shedding a few pounds and forming good habits along the way.

October brought another concert, this time an Opera Gala with OperOttawa. I had fun singing a few chorus pieces, covering a role and stepped in last minute to sing a solo for someone who was sick. I also got to dress up fancy! ❤️ I also had a concert with Seventeen Voyces where we did the soundtrack of the silent film Peter Pan. We celebrated the kittens 5th birthday and dressed up Cheddar for Halloween. 🌭

Cheddaroo the hot dog
OperOttawa Opera Gala

In November we had a little local getaway at the Koena spa in Gatineau which was a nice respite from the craziness of all the things. I gave my first lecture on cyber security at Carleton University, and nerded out with the students. It was so much fun! I saw Pretty Woman the musical with friends, which was excellent!

December. Right. 🙄 Snow and new snow tires. Rehearsals. Christmas concert with Seventeen Voyces and Thirteen Strings which was beautiful! 🎶 A horrible 24 hours that included 1) a planned trip to Cuba that didn’t happen; 2) a seizure for Marble and a bite from her mid-seizure that took me to emergency; 3) strong antibiotics for 10 days over Christmas to heal my finger; 4) a parking ticket amid a snowstorm while I was at emergency at 2:14am; 5) Sickness in Kelly’s family. Thankfully all is trending upward now! 🙏 I had a visit home with my family for a few days after Christmas, which was exactly what my little soul needed. I’m grateful for all of that time I had with my parents, brothers and their families. 🙏❤️

Mom and I ❤️
Merry Christmas from our family ❤️

So that is the year in a nutshell. Looking back on this, I can see why I’m tired and still that way after 2 weeks off of work. 😂

Goals for this year: Do less. Slow down. Unplug. Savour the moments. Focus on health. Read more books.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! Wishing you and yours the very best in 2023! I hope that it is joyous, happy, prosperous and full of fun adventures. Life is too short my friends – live it fully!! ❤️🥳 Happy New Year!!

Lots of love!


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